Approval Buddy

Approval Buddy takes care of approval requests for you, right inside Slack.

Add to Slack

Create Requests Effortlessly

Create polls from anywhere in Slack within seconds with multiple approvers & set reminder's if necessary. You'll be notified when your request is approved.

  • Add multiple approvers
  • Works with even one approval
  • Set Reminders
  • Notify Approvers Automatically

Approve Effortlessly

Effortlessly approve or disapprove requests right from Slack, or discuss with all approvers or requestee if required.

  • Discuss one on one
  • Discuss with everyone
  • Approve/Deny in a click

Stay in the Loop

Always stay in the loop with Approval Buddy for Slack, get notified of everything related to your requests and approvals.

  • Get Notified
  • Discuss with Everyone